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We, the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph,

witness the Gospel in joy and peace, committed to prayer, service, and

care for all creation.
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Franciscan Sister of St. Joseph - Celebrating 125 Years

Mosaic created by FSSJ at 5286 South Park. It displays the stages of Religious Life.

Sr. Judith Elaine, Sr. Helen Dirig and Sr. Constance - FSSJ Brazilan Missionaries

Sr. Helen Frances, Sr. Leontine, Sr. Maureen, Sr. Joseph Patrice and Sr. Marie at St. Joseph Hospital

Quilt created by FSSJ for their 100th Anniversary

St. Mary's Home for the Aged - later it became Marycrest Manor at a different site.

St. Josaphat Bascilica, Milwaukee, WI

Our Mission & Vision

Helping to connect people to faith

We, the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph,
witness the Gospel in joy and peace,
committed to prayer, service, and care for all creation.

FSSJ Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories
of St. Josaphat School
Sister Michael Marie Jordan

Celebrating Our 125th  Anniversary


FSSJ in Health Care

One of the first health care facilities the Sisters built was St. Anthony Home for the Aged on Rosetta Road, Hamburg, NY.  This mainly served the elderly people from Corpus Christi Parish who were so loyal to the Sisters during their time there.  Eventually, this facility was too small and the FSSJ built St. Anthony Home for the Aged on South Park Avenue, Hamburg, NY.  It is presently known as Courtyards Adult Care Facility and still serves the elderly in the area.

Grotto of Blessed Mother at St. Francis Park

Marycrest Manor

In 1947 the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph sponsored the St Mary’s Home for the Aging in Detroit Michigan. When the Fisher Freeway was constructed, the home was moved from Detroit to Livonia in 1960.

In 2012 Marycrest expanded from skilled nursing to include independent living, with the addition of Marycrest Heights.  In 2013 the Franciscan Sisters of St Joseph transferred Marycrest to Trinity Health.  Because of the impact of Covid, Marycrest Manor gave up the skilled nursing and is now assisted and independent living. The FSSJ are grateful for the continuation of our Mission and Ministry.

St. Clare Manor, Lockport, NY

In 1954 The Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph started their ministry at St. Clare Manor in Lockport, NY under the auspices of Catholic Charities of Buffalo, NY.  The Sisters served not only the elderly at this facility but also persons with various physical needs.  This ministry ended in 1995


St. Mary's Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

Ministry at St. Mary’s Hospital began in 1940 just before the U.S. entered World War II.  During the war years many doctors and nurses entered the military for service overseas and the Sisters remained to continue St. Mary’s service to the people in one of the poorer sections of Brooklyn.  In 2003 the Sisters left the ministry at St. Mary’s realizing what a great gift, blessing and privilege it was to grow and share with employees and patients while serving the people of God in an environment dedicated to the poor and those in need. Sr. Robertine is the Sister pictured on the left.

St. Joseph Hospital, Cheektowaga, NY

Opened in 1960 by the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph the hospital has been serving Cheektowaga and Western New York’s eastern suburbs for more than a half-century.  In the 1990s the FSSJ wisely joined with other Catholic hospitals sponsored by various Women Religious in the Buffalo area and formed the Catholic Health System which now directs the mission of Sisters Hospital at St. Joseph Campus.  The building of St. Joseph hospital was used during the beginning of the Covid pandemic and helped many people who suffered. Sr. Maureen Boyle is pictured on the left.


In Brazil, Sr. Helen Dirig taught obstetrics nursing.  Sister Helen and Sister Pius provided a free pharmacy for the poor, sponsored by the mayor’s office.  With the opening of the daycare center, and assistance of public health, children received necessary vaccinations, proper nutrition, and social development skills. Sr. Pius is pictured on the left

Others Health Care Ministries of FSSJ

In 1946 Sisters ministered at Ozanam Home in Milwaukee, WI, a convalescent home for seniors.  The Sisters ended this ministry in 1966.
Sr. Dulceline served at St. Coletta School for Exceptional Children in Jefferson, Wisconsin.
Sr. Rayneld (pictured) was a nurse and at the end of the Vietnam War assisted in the evacuation of children from this war torn country.

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