Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph

We, the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph,

witness the Gospel in joy and peace, committed to prayer, service, and

care for all creation.
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Franciscan Sister of St. Joseph - Celebrating 125 Years

Chapter Hall - 1945 - in original section of the Motherhouse at 5286 South Park, Hamburg, NY. To learn more about Chapters, Forums and Chapter of Mats see slides below.

Chapter Delegates after Election of Mother Leona - 4th person in front row

General Ministers from 1978-1998 - Standing: Sr. Noella Walas and Sr. Andrea Ciszewski Seated Sr. Angeline Kaczman, Sr. Arcadia Bigosinski, Sr. de Sales Golen:

Forum - Sr. Adrienne, Sr. Presentia, and Sr. Antonia discussing important topics for the future of FSSJ

Forum - Sr. Conrad leading us in song - having fun

Leadership Team -- 2006 - 2010 - Standing: Sr. Joyce Kubiniec, Sr. Lynne Anne Schimminger, Sr. Martha Marie Olszewski; Seated: Sr. Jean Marie Cherry, Sr. Judith Elaine Salzman, General Minister

Leadership Team 1986-1990 Left to Right: Sr. Andrea Ciszewski, Sr. Sanctia Chotkowski, Sr. Noella Walas, General Minister; Sr. Paulette Tirone, Sr. Claire Ann Torla

Our Mission & Vision

Helping to connect people to faith

We, the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph,
witness the Gospel in joy and peace,
committed to prayer, service, and care for all creation.

FSSJ Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories
of Sr. Mary Beth Bejma, FSSJ

Celebrating Our 125th  Anniversary


Chapters, Forums, and Chapter of Mats

The Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph for approximately 125 years have gathered at Chapters, Chapter of Mats, and Forums.  During these gatherings the Sisters prayed, shared ideas, planned their future, enjoyed one another’s company, and trusted in Divine Providence.

Chapter of Mats


The Chapter of Mats is a gathering started by St. Francis of Assisi who, as his Order of Friars grew, wanted to bring them together for prayer, fraternity and, when necessary, make decisions for the Order.  In 1982, the FSSJ had their Chapter of Mats which gathered all the Sisters in the Community together at their motherhouse at 5286 South Park Avenue, Hamburg, NY.




In the 1990s the Sisters began a gathering every year called a “Forum”.  Again, all the Sisters gather for this opportunity to renew friendships, pray, have fun together and learn more about what the Holy Spirit is calling us to as we continue to serve God’s people.

Leadership Team 1998-2002

The Chapter is held every four years as a canonical requirement for the FSSJ.  This gathering is an ecclesial event “which expresses the collaborative interest of all members of the congregation” (FSSJ Constitution, Article 89).  This is an event that is sacred and holy.  The Chapter is “responsible for inspiring attitudes, providing a sense of direction, and legislating general policy for all levels of community life” (89) as well as electing the Leadership Team for the next four years.  Left:  Sr. Paulette, General Minister; Sr. Emily Therese Bloom, Sr. Ann Marie Hudzina, Sr. Ann Lyons, Sr. Judith Elaine Salzman.  Behind Sr. Judith – Sr. Andrea and Sr. Marie from previous Leadership Team.

2022 Chapter Logo

This year, the FSSJ celebrate their 125th  Anniversary.  They also are gathering for their Chapter.  The theme is  Widening the Tents of Our Hearts.  Sr. Paula Zelazo shared the theme and the prayer all the Sisters say for the success of the Chapter – you will find this prayer if you click on Current News at the top of this page.  Please pray for us during the week of July 10-15 as we gather for our Chapter.  Sr. Lynne Anne Schimminger created the logo you see on the left.

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