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Called by God into the Fraternity of Francis, we live in Simplicity, Servanthood, and Joy, renewing the spirit of Mother Colette Hilbert, "In all things Charity."

Global Concerns for Justice

In accordance with the Gospel and Church directives, we are concerned with promoting social equality among the people of God. We assume moral responsibility to take an active role in eliminating injustice wherever and in whatever form it is found.

(FSSJ Constitution, 52)

Join the Justice Movement

We assume moral responsibility…to take an active role in eliminating injustice wherever and in whatever form it is found.

the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph currently serve in compensated or volunteer positions and/or support the service organizations listed below. We invite you to join us.

Gerard Place, Buffalo, NY

LIFE Program, Lackawanna, NY

The Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph actively participate in or support the following issues and  organizations:

Care for Creation:

Catholic Climate Covenant

Laudato Si’ Movement

Franciscan Action Network

Human Trafficking:

Buffalo International Institute

Sisters Against Human Trafficking


U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Racism


Buffalo International Institute

A Path to Hope – The Campaign for Jericho Road’s Vive Shelter a program of Jericho Road Community Health Center, has a 30 year legacy of providing safe refuge for those who wish to make a refugee claim in Canada or who are seeking asylum protection in the United States, by providing safety, shelter, food, and legal help.


Bread for the World

St. Vincent de Paul Society, Buffalo, NY

Franciscans International

Our Lady of Victory Human Services, Lackawanna, NY

Justice and Advocacy:

Franciscan Action Network

Other Organizations:

The Franciscan Federation

Catholic Health System

Global Concerns for Justice - Working to end human trafficking
Praying to end human trafficking

May we be strangers no longer, but instead, brothers and sisters, as we continue together on this journey of hope!


Below is a list of ways for you to get involved and be a voice for those who have none.


The prayer has immense power. Take time to pray that those involved in human trafficking know that God loves them.

Support an Already Existing Organization
Sharing your time and treasure helps those who are able to reach out to those suffering because of human trafficking able to assist them. Your support matters..

Get Educated

Knowledge is power. Allow yourself to be informed.

Educate Others
Sharing is easy. Consider some ways to spread the message via email, facebook, tweeter or Instagram


Speak, Act, Do…all on behalf of those who cannot.

There are a variety of ways that YOU can help! Find an organization in your area.

Report Cases
Become aware of what human trafficking looks like If you see something that doesn’t look right, report it. 1-888-373-7888.

Get Your Church Involved
We believe that God has uniquely designed the church to be his avenue for hope and restoration for the world.

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